The Tower of Mystery Board Game Review


Review by Richard Martin Leep
Publisher, Greater Games Industry Catalog

(this unsolicited review appeared in the Oct-Dec 2009 issue of Greater Games Industry Catalog)


Ovation Productions premiered their new game The Tower of Mystery at GenCon Indy 2009.  The art work and game board design is what caught my attention while visiting the exhibit hall.

The Tower of Mystery is a complex game combining strategic board play, card play, and luck.  Each player is involved in every turn of play keeping all players engaged (and on their toes) throughout the game.  Players who are very competitive will enjoy The Tower of Mystery as they try to be the first to reach all four turrets and return to the garden from where they started while trying to thwart other players.

With superior quality production standards The Tower of Mystery is beautifully produced with art by Steven Strumpf, lead designer for Hasbro in the early 90's.  The game board and player reference sheets, as well as the tokens and cards are sturdy.  The playing pieces are high quality molded plastic resembling little towers.  The box as well has superior quality construction and material with a slick gloss.  For the price ($39.95) The Tower of Mystery has substance and will last generations.

Note:  This game will attract attention in your store simply by the artwork and the design of the game board.  Set The Tower of Mystery up in a spot that customer will see it.  Be ready to demo the game and point out the useful player reference sheets, interesting "Mystery Cards" that affect play and the board itself.  It's best to have actually played the game before trying to demo it.

While the game is for 2-8 players, it doesn't play well with 2 players without changing some rules.  The instructions do allow for rule changes.  The length of the game may also be a draw back to some but again the rules do suggest how to make the game move faster.  All in all The Tower of Mystery is a good game to put on your stores Holiday promotion list.