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Chris Knoll, President of Ovation Productions, Inc., has had a long and successful career in Project Management, which he has used to produce many events, from corporate rollouts to large scale magic shows to private group events at the Hollywood Magic Castle.  This strong ability in Project Management, coupled with his strong creative streak, have merged into Ovation Productions, Chris' event production company.  Ovation Productions, Inc., is a registered corporation in the State of Washington.

Chris Knoll is a long-time Magician Member of The Academy of Magical Arts, the home of which is the famous Hollywood Magic Castle.   He has performed in the Albert Peller Theater at the Magic Castle, and has also taken magic lessons from one of the most famous and influential magicians of the current generation, Mark Wilson and his wife Nani Darnell Wilson.

Corporate New Product rollouts: Chris has created and coordinated many corporate and new product rollouts, including events for Amtrak, AT&T Wireless, and PAR3 Communications.  Although the corporate rollouts had a magic theme to them, there was an underlying business message being passed along in those events.  Chris can merge any business message with an entertaining and relevant magic show!  The use of magic to communicate a business message is a very impactful way to get the points across, in both a fun and memorable manner. 

Board Game Inventor: Chris is the inventor of the board game, "The Tower of Mystery", which is available at many game stores across the United States, and available through numerous online retailers in the U.S. and Canada.  The Tower of Mystery is proving to be a popular game for social gamers and families.  For more information on this fun, interactive board game, visit the Tower of Mystery website at .





Magic Shows:    Chris Knoll has done several magic shows over the years, the largest of which was in August 2003, where well over 100 people watched and participated in a complex two-hour event.   Chris had a large team assisting him, including two magician's assistants, a stage manager and assistant, a stage lighting and sound person, camera man, two actors, two ushers, and two caterers.  The magic show had a Harry Potter theme to it and was broken up into three acts, each of which was a course at Hogwarts School.   The grand finale of the event was when Chris and his assistants performed the famed Houdini Metamorphosis illusion

Private Group Events:   Chris Knoll has organized numerous private group events including a highly successful event at the Magic Castle.  See the Past Events section of this website for information on the most recent Castle event.  The most recent event is even mentioned on BarBara Luna's website!