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"My dad has always been interested in magic so for his 60th birthday I decided to treat him (and myself) to a magic lesson!  Chris Knoll came to our house for a private lesson and was instantly personable.  He taught us a wide variety of tricks and gave us an insight into the mind of a magician.  My dad is still talking about it to this day!"  - Katelyn, Seattle WA

"Matthew had a great time with you and he loves the magic you taught him!"  - Donna, Orcas Island WA  (note:  Matthew is Donna's 9 year old son)

"Thank you SO much for the great magic class.  It was far better and much more enjoyable than I was expecting it would be!  Thanks again!"  - Jim, North Bend WA

Magic Classes / Magic Lessons are available to individuals and groups! 
Classes are available to anyone who has a genuine interest in learning the art of magic!

Gift Certificates are available to give for birthdays, anniversaries, the holidays, or any special occasion!

These are Private Magic Lessons (individual tutoring sessions) and are available to anyone in the Puget Sound area, including (but not limited to) Seattle, Tacoma, Everett, Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmond, Renton, Tukwila, Burien, Federal Way, Auburn, Kent, Bothell, Edmonds, Lynnwood, Olympia, Lacey, Issaquah, and Puyallup.

Lessons are available for individual students, as well as for group events such as summer camps, schools, or other organizations! 

Chris Knoll, Magician Member of The Academy of Magical Arts (the Hollywood Magic Castle) is the instructor for all courses.



 Each lesson contains about 12 to 15 magic tricks and illusions, depending on which course you select, and is approximately 3 hours long.  There are two different course outlines available: Beginning Magic and Intermediate Magic.

  A variety of close-up and parlor magic is included in each class.  Versatility in magic skills is important to be considered a credible, talented magician, and Chris ensures that from each and every session, students learn a variety of illusions to impress their friends and relatives!   Magic using playing cards, coins and dollar bills, handkerchiefs (silks), rope, and other common items is taught, as well as a couple of illusions that use magic props available commercially.

  Students will be taught and be able to practice the tricks during the class.  Remember, this is a Magic Lesson and NOT a Magic Show!  Chris will also offer suggestions and advice regarding which online magic stores to use and which ones to avoid when purchasing magic items and supplies, and will explain why. 


  Private tutoring sessions are typically held in the student's home, or other private, quiet location that is mutually acceptable to both magician and student. 

  The total cost for one student is $60 for a private tutoring session of approximately 3 hours.  Additional students attending the same session are $30 each.  Please note that anyone who is present at the lesson, whether just watching, or actively participating, are considered to be students.  The lesson fee is capped at $120 for up to four students at a lesson.  In addition to the lesson fee, there is also a transportation fee since I come to you.  The transportation fee is typically in the $5 to $20 range depending on the distance of the lesson from Renton.

  If you are considering a lesson for a group or organization, please email Chris for a quote (email address is at the bottom of this page.)  Please note that if you are interested in a magic lesson for a group of children, there is a strict minimum child age of 8.  Some of the magic taught is a bit too complex for some younger children, some children's hands are too small, etc., and the age limit has been incorporated to ensure the success of the event.  However, for individual tutoring sessions, adults and children of any age are welcome!

  Payment may be made by either cash or check at the time of the lesson.


  Chris Knoll has been a Magician Member of the Academy of Magical Arts (headquartered at the world famous Hollywood Magic Castle) since 1998, and he was an Associate Member of the Academy for several years prior to that.  Also, Chris has performed at the Magic Castle itself for the public and for TV and movie celebrities!

Chris Knoll with beautiful TV and Broadway star BarBara Luna
at the Hollywood Magic Castle

  Chris has received personal, one-on-one magic training from the world famous and amazingly talented professional Magician, Mark Wilson, and his beautiful wife and assistant Nani Darnell Wilson.  In other words, Chris has literally learned from the best!  This is a HUGE advantage since Chris has learned some pretty amazing magic from Mark and Nani, some illusions of which are not commonly known, and are certainly not taught in most magic classes.  Very few magicians have the opportunity to be personally trained by a world-famous professional, but Chris has! 

  Chris has performed at the Magic Castle with Mindy Masters as his magician's assistant, which was a great honor.  Mindy was the Magician's Assistant to the late, great magician Billy McComb ("The World's Largest Leprechaun") during his days as Resident Magician on various international cruise ships.

  So, if you're serious about learning magic from someone who really knows magic, who has "learned from the best and most respected", and can teach you magic in a fun, entertaining manner that is educational, FUN, and worthwhile, you should consider Chris Knoll for your "command performance" of training!  You won't be disappointed!  


  Just send an email to: magic (at) to get started!  Email Chris with your questions, or to schedule your own private magic lesson!