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Chris Knoll, Master Magician, will make your event exciting, fun, and memorable!

Chris has been a Magician Member of the Academy of Magical Arts (the Hollywood Magic Castle) since 1998, and was an Associate Member of the Academy for several years prior to that.  He has even taken magic lessons from one of the most honored and talented magicians of today, Mark Wilson

Here's some of the feedback that Chris has received regarding the magic events he has produced:

   "I wanted to thank you again for a most wonderful, wonderful experience.  I enjoyed every minute as I'm sure everyone else did - everyone had big smiles on their faces and threw themselves into the evening.  It's just another wonderful memory - something I will cherish and I thank you for that.  Thank you for your talent!" - Tasha, Santa Monica CA

   "We just got home and we just wanted to thank you so very, very much for an extraordinary, wonderful evening.  It was just so much fun ... an exceptionally fantastic evening!" - Bob, Sylmar CA

   "Thanks again for a fabulous event! Mike and I enjoyed ourselves immensely ... all was wonderful!  You did a fantastic job on the whole event ... loved your magic show! Thank you for including us."  - Shelly, Santee CA

   "What a great evening!  Paula and I had more fun and enjoyment than we did last year and we did not think that was possible. All cannot wait until next year!"  - Pat, San Diego CA

   "I just wanted you to know that I thoroughly enjoyed the show today.  I love your tricks (and would love to know how you do it!).  It was a blast.  You keep it fun .. and that’s priceless."  - Suzanne, Seattle WA

So, would YOU like to experience the same kind of "magic" in your event?  Then you need to call Chris!

Chris will tailor his show to your needs.   Chris will customize the show to your desires and will work with you to ensure that the tricks and illusions are the kinds of things that your audience will want to see!  Chris does a combination of parlor magic and close-up magic in an audience setting, suitable for teens and adults (some of his magic may be a bit complex for young children), and audience participation is not only encouraged, it is a key ingredient that makes Chris' magic events so much fun and exciting!  None of this sit, watch, applaud politely, sit, watch, applaud politely stuff!  A high level of audience interaction, sprinkled with wit and humor throughout, will create a magic event that your guests will be talking about for a long time to come!

For corporate events, Chris will incorporate your company's underlying message or theme into the show.  The messaging that you would like to convey will be "front and center" in the event.  Your event will be informative, contain the desired theme or message, and will be highly entertaining to all!  New product rollouts, TQM/CQI programs, and outstanding customer service are but a few examples of possible themes that your event can encapsulate!  You'll be able to work with Chris to ensure that your messaging goals are met, and even exceeded!

So, call Chris Knoll at 206 235 2296 to discuss what you'd like to see in YOUR magical experience!  There's a show that will definitely fit into your budget!  Intimate, small groups such as a birthday party or housewarming, and larger groups in an audience setting, are the most appropriate and effective for Chris' shows, since there is so much audience participation, and the fact that most tricks are parlor-style and close-up in nature.    Call or email Chris TODAY to start planning your exciting, magical event!