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Arlene Martel, T'Pring from Star Trek
at the Southern California Astronomy Exposition
Saturday, July 12, 2008

Arlene Martel as T'Pring in Star Trek     Arlene Martel as Consuela in The Outer Limits

Above left:  T'Pring, Star Trek Original Series Episode "Amok Time"
Above right: Consuela, The Outer Limits Original Series Episode "Demon With The Glass Hand"

Arlene Martel, who has been in literally hundreds of roles on television and on film, appeared at the Southern California Astronomy Exposition (SCAE) in Oceanside, California, on Saturday, July 12, 2008.  This was the first weekend of the SCAE in 2008, and consisted of a Seminar Symposium at Oceanside Photo and Telescope (OPT) in Oceanside and an evening lecture and Star Party at Palomar Community College. 

Arlene was at both the OPT and Palomar College events, and fans were able to meet and chat with Arlene. 

Arlene Martel at SCAE 2008

Arlene Martel at SCAE 2008

At the Palomar College event, Arlene Martel read from "The Little Prince", and then introduced the evening's Keynote Speaker, Seth Shostak, the award winning Senior Astronomer of the SETI Institute, author, and radio show host!  What an awesome day and evening it was!

Arlene has been not only in the original Star Trek series, but also the original Outer Limits, The Twilight Zone, Battlestar Galactica, Hogan's Heroes (remember Colonel Hogan's lady friend "Tiger"?), I Dream Of Jeannie, The Wild Wild West, The Monkees, Perry Mason, The Rockford Files, Route 66, The Untouchables, and dozens of other shows and movies. 

March 8, 2008 - Hollywood Magic Castle

On March 8th, a group of about 30 people enjoyed a social evening at the Hollywood Magic Castle.  Celebrities in attendance were BarBara Luna, Arlene Martel, and Bobby Clark from the original "Star Trek" television series, and Bob May, Robot B-9 in the original "Lost In Space" television series. 

The event was hosted by Chris Knoll, long-time Magician Member of the Academy of Magical Arts and owner of Ovation Productions.   Co-hosting the event was Mindy Masters, Life Member of the Academy of Magical Arts, and Chris' friend.

The group was able to privately reserve the Albert Peller Theater for the evening.  The group initially met in the Peller Theater for check-in and to receive souvenirs of the evening, before going to dinner at 6pm. The group had a wonderful dinner and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.   After dinner, the group was entertained in the Palace of Mystery Theater by a great show.  Then, the group returned to the Peller Theater to see a private magic show by Chris and Mindy, and presentations to some of the celebrity guests.  The evening was an unqualified success according to all who attended.

Below are a few photos from the evening.  Click on the thumbnail photo to open a larger size.

Bobby Clark and his lovely wife Judy Clark Arlene Martel Bob May, Arlene Martel, Chris Knoll, BarBara Luna, Bobby Clark

Left Photo: Bobby Clark ("The Gorn Captain", Star Trek episode "Arena", as well as many episodes of "Gunsmoke" and numerous other TV Westerns) and his wife Judy Clark

Center Photo:  Arlene Martel ("T'Pring", Star Trek episode "Amok
Time" as well as many other roles in The Twilight Zone, The Outer Limits, Hogan's Heroes, I Dream of Jeannie, and dozens of other TV series )

Right Photo:  Bob May ("Robot B9",
Lost In Space), Arlene Martel, Chris Knoll, BarBara Luna ("The Captain's Woman", Star Trek episode "Mirror Mirror, as well as many, many roles in TV series such as Hawaii Five O, Zorro, Mission Impossible, and also in the original Broadway production of South Pacific, as the original Ngana) , Bobby Clark

Additional photos of the evening can be found on BarBara Luna's website at