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Great Links

Ovation Productions  Mark Wilson Magic -
Mark and Nani Wilson's great website!  Lots of great information, and exclusive illusions!

Ovation Productions  The Hollywood Magic Castle -
The world famous clubhouse for magicians and magic enthusiasts!

Ovation Productions  The Knoll Family Website -
Created and maintained by Chris Knoll's brother, who does an amazing job. 
Chris' brother's astronomy photos, history of their grandfather's aircraft company, and much more!

Ovation Productions  William Shatner singing Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds (ugh!) -
Be very ready - this is horribly bad, but believe it or not, he was SERIOUS when he did this in the '70's

Ovation Productions  Shatner Hates Star Trek Fans ! - http:/
What William Shatner REALLY thinks of Star Trek fans!  (Comedy Central skit with Dana Carvey)
Warning:  this is a 23mb file and will take time to download - Broadband connection strongly recommended